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Concerts in France

3 musicians,
Robert Ressicaud, Serge Sana, Philippe Curt.

With our story-teller,
Mylène Pogrund, Robert Ressicaud, Philippe Curt.

7 musicians, St Paul church in Lyons.
4 musicians.
Mongolia-Middle ages, concert in France.
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Concerts in the world

In Mongolia.
With two professionnal musicians professionnels at the opéra of Oulan Bator.
Diphonic sang.

In Mauritania.
In Nouadibhou, meeting of mauritanians griots.

In Mongolia.
In a ger for nomads.

In Mongolia.
At school.

In Libya.
Extracts of a television show : présentation of the instruments then concert.

In Arménia.
Concert with the Ensemble Charakan, traditionnal arménian music.

In Algeria and Uzbekistan (photographs).
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School shows


"Musique des Rois et des Vilains".

"Musique des Rois et des Vilains".

"Fresques médiévales"

"Musique à la cour de Castille"

"Aliénor d'Aquitaine et les Troubadours"

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Some views of an exhibition.

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Some views of a lecture.

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