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... Beyond the quality of their interpretation of this music, their success lies in the choice of a repertoire that is immediately accessible to their audiences. Their availability, friendliness, ability to adapt themselves to the sometimes unfavourable locations they find, greatly contributed to the unforgettable moments they allowed to pass.

Jean-Yves GILLON (Cultural Advisor) SAUDI ARABIA

... My other colleagues have imparted their impressions to me and belleve me they are unanimous in declaring that they were impressed by your ability to cope with the sometimes difficult working conditions we meet. Some of the Alliances have already expressed the wish to welcome you again and broaden the scope of your activities for us...

Gilbert DALGALIAN (French Alliance) INDIA

...Beyond the obvious talent of the three musicians, which ensures the high standard of their performances, I was particularly struck by their high spirits and ability to make the best of local constraints while noticing with admiration that they never ever made any concession to superficiality in order to maintain the high quality of their shows.As as flexible, small-sized, friendly but highly professional ensemble, it is clear that Xeremia should be given more opportunities to develop its action and continue to teach us how music was and still remains a privileged locus for exchanges.

Jean H. RING (Cultural Adviser), LIBYA

... It was wonderful for to be able to have two full houses in halls that were admirably suited to your music for audiences that obviously enjoyed the quality of your performance as well as the more educational dimension that you succed in adding to them.

Bertrand DUBARD (Cultural Adviser) CYPRUS

... Contemporary styles and modern sounds endow this age-old music with a new lease of life which is enhanced by the highly sensitive nature of the performers of the Xeremia Ensemble...

Céline BONNAUD Press "Le Progrès" LYON

...This Ensemble of Mediaeval Music, enjoys a good reputation in our area. I know Robert Ressicaud well. He worked in our Department of Ancient Music. I can testify to the quality of his work.

Gilbert AMY Composer (Head of the National
Conservatory of Music in Lyons)

...The music festival in the medieval chapel of Bir Miftuh, now in its fourth edition... The second concert, and possibly the most interesting of the festival, not only because of the high quality of the performer but also because of its unusualness and aptness for the place... This was a concert of medieval music by the Xeremia Ensemble...

Cecilia Xuereb - La Vallette - MALTE

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