Medieval Music

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Music from XIIth to XVth centuries

Carmina Burana, Thibault de Navarre, Colin Muset, Bernard de Ventadour, Alfonso X of Castille, Livre Vermeil, Guillaume Dufay, etc.

Lute, oud, organ, crumhorn, shawm, psaltery, flutes, galoubet, hurdy-gurdy, drums, etc.

Réf. - XRM 0590. Duration: 60 min
CD : 15 € Out of print

Historique de la Musique Médiévale

Music from Xth to XVth centuries
Book and C. D.
-in french-

A one hundred pages book compain the listening. Illustred of one hundred pictures of notes and manuscripts. Vocabulary is easy to read. The five centuries of the evolution of the medieval music. Presentation of the instruments.

All instruments.

Grégorian Chant, school of Notre-Dame, P erotin, Guillaume de Machaut, Richard LionHeart, Cantigas of Santa Maria, Landini, Binchois, anonymes,etc.

 Réf. - XRM.0496. Duration: 60 min

Book: 100 pages
Book-CD : 15 €

Extracts (mp3) :

TATE DOMINO chant grégorien - KYRIE "messe IV" grégorien en organum - CUNCTIPOTENS organun fleuri - SANCTE GERMANE Maître Pérotin - PETRE AMAS ME anonyme, organum purum et clausule - S'ON ME REGARDE motet du ms de Montpellier - QUARE FREMUERUNT Roman de Fauvel - FAS ET NEFAS Carmina Burana - MA CHIERE DAME Guillaume de Machaut - KYRIE de la "MESSE de NOTRE DAME" Guillaume de Machaut - LA BIONDA TRECCA Francesco Landini.
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 S'amour dont sui espris




Music from XIth to XIIIth centuries

In ten Middle-Ages, as indeed at all times and in all places, love has been one of the main themes of those poets and musicians called Trouvères and Troubadour. They sang of love divine or of the love of the Lady. Their song also dealt with shepherdesses, politics, legends and epics.


All instruments.

Alphonse X de Castille, Uc de Saint Circ, Hildegarde von Bingen, Guiraut Riquier, Blondel de Nesle, anonymous, etc.

Réf. - XRM 0420. Durée: 60 min
CD : 10 €

Extracts (mp3) :

A QUE POR MUY... cantiga de santa Maria 384 - L'AUTRIER M'EN ALOIE anonyme - MUIT' E BENAVENTURADO csm 263 - ANC ENEMICS Uc de Saint Circ - DEUS ENIM IN PRIMA Hildegarde de Bingen - DE MUITAS GUISAS... csm 158 - AVER NON PODERIA csm 7 -
S'IEU JA TROBAT Guiraud Riquier - COMO PODEN PER SAS CULPAS csm 166 - S'AMOUR DONT SUI ESPRIS (1ère source).
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Chansons anciennes 

Medieval - Renaissance - Traditional


25 popular french songs, from XVII and XVIII th centuries and medieval songs adapted with (modern) lyrics in french.

For singing at home, at scholl, for recorder…

24 pages book with complete notes and lyrics.

A lot of early instruments.

Le chevalier du guet, Les marins de Groix, Anne de Bretagne, Le roi a fait battre tambour, Gentils galants de France, Sire cuens j'ai vièler, etc.

Réf. - XRM 0603. Durée: 74 min
CD : 10 €

Extracts (mp3) :

Instrumental - TROUBADOUR SongInstrumental - ANNE DE BRETAGNE Song - Instrumental - LE ROI A FAIT BATTRE TAMBOUR Song - Instrumental - J'AI VU LE LOUP, LE R'NARD, LE LIÈVRE Song - Instrumental - LE TOURDION Song -  Instrumental.
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 Troubadours & Trouvères





This CD illustrates the musical profusion that goes through Europe, also the musical exchange s with Oriental countries. Mediaeval music was essentially vocal, on this record we choose to play music on mastermieces that were originally songs.

All instruments.

Peire Cardenal, Martin codax, Guiraut de Borneil, Guillaume de Machaut, Manuscrit de Montserrat, Thibaut de Champagne, Jehan de Lescurel, danses du XIV°s.

Réf. - XRM 0606. Durée: 65 mn
CD : 10 €

Extracts (mp3) :

LA QUINTE ESTAMPIE REAL anonyme - NE M'OUBLIEZ MIE ms de Montpellier - CUNCTI SIMUS ms de Montserrat - JE VIVROIE LIEMENT Guillaume de Machaut - LOS SET GOYTX ms de Montserrat – LA PASTOURO anonyme - NAS MENTES Cantiga de Santa Maria - AMOURS ME FAIT COMMENCIER Thibaut de Champagne - BONNEMENT M'AGREE Jehan de Lescurel – SALTARELLO anonyme -  LA ROSA ENFLORECE judéo-espagnol - LAMENTO DE TRISTAN ET ROTTA anonyme - TROTTO anonyme - POIS QUE DEUS Cantiga de Santa Maria.
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