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XEREMIA (pronounced sheremia)

The Medieval Ensemble Xeremia is playing a wide variety of reconstructed Mediaeval instruments. It revives the wealth of Mediaeval music with a long-standing concern for authenticity through the constant frequentation of manuscripts. Whether it be for a programme of religious or profane music, the performers like to alternate the character of the pieces they have selected, pieces which are unjustly forgotten yet resonate with our contemporary sensibility

Reviving a century-old cultural wealth, the Xeremia Ensemble brings to life a past in which troubadours knew how to recite poetry to the beloved lady of their Lord and entertain the court, in which, Monks and Peasants shared the toil of tilling the fields and the same fervour for prayer. This was a period when a high number fundamental scientific human, artistic and architectural discoveries took place.

Since it was created in July 1989, the XEREMIA Ensemble has been performing on tour 59 times in 33 different countries, giving concerts, lectures illustrated by a slide-show, organizing master-classes in which they trained confirmed musicians or young beginners with equal interest and pleasure, and playing concerts for younger audiences, which remain without the slightest doubt the most favourable opportunity to make different cultures meet.

This is why the XEREMIA Ensemble performs both in France and abroad, seeking mostly to relate various cultural traditions, music being one of their highest manifestations.

" To cultivate the roots of our future... does not mean to stir up dead ashes, but to rekindle cinders that will sparkle he bonfire of tolerance and hope...

Our past being our future, let us cultivate it particularly under the guise of the sounds generated by melodies which voices as well as (sometimes strange) instruments produce in an authentic manner which brings into relief their modernity.

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